NEP is now being implemented in Uttarakhand at the Pre-Primary level

parente leaving a child at primary center

As per the ASER Education Report (2018), the education quality is in a dire state in Indian government schools – a high percentage of students from class 5 and class 8 cannot read the text which is just of class 2 level. While there can be many factors at play, I believe the lack of early education plays a strong part in making these kids lag behind. Especially when many of them come from underprivileged backgrounds.

The importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated. A large part of children’s critical brain development happens before they even start nursery. I’m happy to hear that today, the Uttarakhand Chief minister has announced that they will be the first state to implement NEP at the pre-primary level – inaugurating ‘Bal Vatikas’ at 4,457 Anganwadi Kendra across the state. These ‘Bal Vatikas’ will be equivalent to the nursery classes at a private school.

Wishing the Uttarakhand government good luck with the implementation. I’m hoping that it will put a lot of kids into positive and engaging learning environments → setting them up for a better educational journey & a better future. Happy to see they are trying to solve “bottom of the pyramid” problems first!

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