Role of EdTech companies in the long run

In the article below, Dr. Aruna Sharma (Development Economist, ex-Secretary, Government of India) highlights the role Edtech companies could play in the long term. She anticipates that in the long-term #edtech players will start working more closely with schools and emerge as reliable supplementary/complementary tools to the formal educational system.

This move could give us a strong advantage in optimising our demographic dividend advantage. Many of us know that India currently has the largest youth population in the world; (around 66%, more than 80.8 crores below the age of 35). However, what many don’t look at, is how this advantage has a time limit and is expected to last only until 2045 (post-which the working-age population will start declining)

This is why it’s critical for us as EdTech companies, to understand our responsibility in the bigger picture and build a strong SRO (a self-regulatory mechanism) to ensure discipline and protect the rights of our students/learners. Our primary responsibility should be to help accelerate quality education and make youth educated and employable – Ensuring a bright future for our country.

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