What will happen to EdTech when Schools reopen post-pandemic?

indian student learning from an online class

Indian Edtech companies raised $4.7 B (10X) in funding in 2021, compared to just $0.44 B in 2019. Having witnessed the “EdTech Growth”, from the front lines through the pandemic (20-22), I’ve always wondered what would happen when Schools open up again?

– Have the EdTechs done enough to generate “Delta 4” excitement in classrooms?
– Is this tremendous growth reflected just in student numbers? or even in student outcomes?
– How much of the lower-tier markets were they able to permeate and create value?
– Is this mere digitisation or a permanent transformation in the works?

All of these questions and more have been addressed in this very well-written article by ET Contributor – Vineet Nayar. Worth a Monday read.


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